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Bringing Luxury Tech to Atlanta Beltline Real Estate

Once a railway corridor around Atlanta’s core, the Atlanta BeltLine uses existing rail track easements to form a multi-use trail designed to improve transportation, promote redevelopment, and add green space to the city. 

Considered one of the most wide-ranging urban redevelopment programs in the country, the Atlanta BeltLine’s mission to create an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable lifestyle that can create jobs, offer miles of pedestrian-friendly transit, raise billions in economic development, and improve streetscapes. The BeltLine also boasts one of the largest outdoor public art exhibitions in the south. The development has pledged to foster a more hospitable environment by cleaning up 1,100 acres of the environment. While development on the BeltLine is still ongoing, the impact of these various projects is undeniable. 

As development continues on this transformative project, the BeltLine’s continuous pathways connect more than 40 diverse neighborhoods and have resulted in an increasingly multicultural community, a melting pot of young and older generations. Many historic homes have since been renovated to their former glory to honor this restored community and preserve the city’s historical roots. Most houses along the BeltLine are traditional bungalows or cottages.

The Westside/West End Trail was the first to be built on the BeltLine. Stretching across 2.4 miles from Rose Circle Park on White Street through Gordon White Park and Westview Cemetery, the trail connects multiple Southwest Atlanta neighborhoods, including the historic West End. 

Despite the fact the only area of the trail to be paved thus far is in the southeast section, the BeltLine has already stimulated the community’s economy by attracting numerous new businesses into the area, providing new job opportunities and stimulus to a once-neglected region. 

Today the West End Trail serves as an excellent starting point for anyone looking to walk or jog across the West End with 16 access points and over 40 acres of trees and lush grassland. Visit the many eclectic boutiques and coffee shops or get your exercise in by taking a bike ride. 

The community also hosts several notable events throughout the year, like the Art on the Atlanta BeltLine. Additional art events and collaborations with local organizations like the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and The Atlanta Opera are hosted throughout the year. An interactive art map helps visitors find the art installations. 

The trail also passes through Atlanta’s most exciting mixed-use destination, Lee + White. Once known as the West End’s “Warehouse Row,” the area is now a showcase of cutting-edge breweries, retailers, distilleries, restaurants, and much more. It’s a lively place to hang out with friends and grab a drink. 

Vision for the Future

Bringing luxury tech via Compass Cares and Concierge services can help those displaced by the BeltLine or who are unable to afford the increasing cost of living in the surrounding neighborhoods. The incredible progress spearheaded by the BeltLine has led to new businesses and a booming housing market. However, there is still work to be done with existing homeowners and creating more accessible housing opportunities for those who want to stay in the area. 

Services like Compass Concierge assist clients by fronting home improvement costs to provide valued services like professional staging, painting, and flooring. Compass Concierge can assist in helping sell your home for a higher price and much faster. 

The Compass Cares program works to help everyone find their place in the world by empowering agents and employees to support meaningful causes with the assistance of cutting-edge technology and appropriate funding. Ultimately, no one knows their community better than the agents who serve it.

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